Top 6 Outsourcing Disadvantages

Outsourcing is the tendency to transfer to third parties, activities that are not part of the core business or a modern trend is to concentrate efforts on core activities, delegating to others complementary, and even a management process by which they pass on some activities to third parties – with whom he establishes a partnership relationship – getting the company focused only on tasks linked primarily to the business in which it operates.One example if outsourcing Payroll services.

Understand what outsourcing actually is.

The outsourcing has been used as an administrative tool already for several decades. For many years, the companies of the first world and in growing economies, practicing hiring, via provision of services, companies specializing in specific activities that do not fit to be developed in the organization’s internal environment. Also visit our top article for more information. Many segments such as Payroll services, specialize in this practice, using often the procurement of services for the production sector, such as companies that make up the sector of the graphic industry and the textile industry.

Top 6 Outsourcing Disadvantages

Today, however outsourcing is invested in a more serious action as a modern technical management and is based on a management process that leads to structural changes in the business, cultural change, procedures, systems and controls, with a goal only when adopted: to achieve better results by focusing all efforts and energy companies for their core business. To this end, the success of your application is the strategic vision that the leaders should have the time of their application in business, so that it is consolidated as a methodology and practice.

It is important to understand that outsourcing is not a bed of roses as many companies tend to paint. It was really created to reduce companies responsibilities of clients and for companies to pay smaller salaries for people who, often times end up fired, even when they do important services such as Payroll services.


1 – Unemployment risk and not absorption of hand labor in the same proportion;

2 – Resistance and conservatism; Risk of coordination of contracts; Lack of internal cost parameters;

3 – Layoffs in the initial phase; Cost of layoffs;

4 – Difficulty in finding the ideal partner; Lack of care in the choice of suppliers; Increased risk to be managed;

5 – Conflict with the unions; Changes in the power structure; Increased dependence on third parties;

6 – Miss the attachment to the employee; Ignorance of labor laws; Utilization of difficulty of the employees been trained;Loss of cultural identity of the company in the long run, by employees.

Thus Payroll services and any other type of outsourcing can lead to loss of jobs and lower salaries!

Note that the first two disadvantages reflect a reality (unemployment as a result of outsourcing) from which one cannot always escape, and also reflect a characteristic of our culture (a situation also sometimes difficult to get around). In the end if you are not satisfied and need more information you can visit this link:

With this framework, we can reflect on the most relevant positive and restrictive factors of outsourcing Payroll services, for example.

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