Pay Employees Fairly or Pay the Consequences

Outsourcing your payroll means that’s one less administrative duty you have to perform inhouse.  But it doesn’t mean you can totally ignore it.  One of the biggest complaints employers hear is “there is something wrong with my paycheck.”  Either hours are missing, overtime is not paid at the proper rate, or in some cases, vacation time is not accounted for properly.  Employees feel insulted, or undervalued when they are short changed on their hard-earned pay.   It’s the one time they feel they are entitled to sound off, and if you’ve ever been in a situation where people were complaining about their paychecks, it’s not pleasant.  You can’t blame them.  Think about it.  Payday usually falls on a Friday.  And the funds now days are deposited automatically.  This means any problem won’t have a chance of being resolved until Monday.  There are any number of issues that can go wrong with a person’s paycheck, and the holiday season is not the time for it.

Especially when companies like Sears are offering such great deals through Groupon on everything in the store, and even more online sitewide.  You can wait for the Black Friday deals, but with savings of 41% off appliances, 50% off Craftsman tools and Kenmore cooking appliances, plus free shipping on qualified purchases why would you?  Sears has been the place to begin your holiday shopping since it was founded in the 19th century.  They’ve been around for decades, but their merchandise is the latest and most trendy on the market today.  The only thing old fashioned about them is the quality merchandise they sell, and the outstanding customer service they provide.

Payroll services are usually tasked with handing out the end of the year bonuses to employees.  More than 80% of companies give yearend bonuses using a formula of their own design.  Employees can expect to receive both their regular check and their bonus in time for Christmas, but some payroll outsourcing services have to pay out bonuses twice a year.  Whether or not your employees have a bonus coming or not, making sure to pay them the correct amount they’ve earned is as important as receiving extra compensation.  If not, you’ll hear about it!

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